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Video shooting location: Leeds, UK


Rhys Durkin, Charlie Eccleston, Jack Roundhill, Jake Womack


The Light Show are a 4-piece indie band based in West Yorkshire, influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, Oasis, The Enemy, The Libertines and Pigeon Detectives amongst others!
Their music is fast-paced, riff-driven, sing-a-long indie with catchy melodies, massive guitar and bass hooks and relatable lyrics!! Their sound and style is most comparable to Arctic Monkeys but The Light Show definitely offer something new, something you haven't heard before. They clearly love their live performances and so does their growing fanbase, they're full of energy and they leave nothing on stage! They recently supported 'Antarctic Monkeys' and ‘The Complete Stone Roses’ in front of a 2 full houses at 'The Wardrobe' in Leeds.
The Light Show write songs are about being young, having fun and making mistakes. About all the characters that we all know and love. From songs about the local liar to anthems about pubs and clubs and the inevitable kebab shop fights.