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Austin Staton
Derek Akers
Alex Young
Will Kriegshauser
Brianne DeBose


From The Arc, established November 2016, is a band based in Omaha Nebraska trying to carve their name into the rock-solid stone that is the music industry. With a solid

work-ethic, dreamy eyes and relentless effort, the group hopes to take this musical journey as far as possible.

According to From The Arc, they use their passion for music to leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes to see their live show. The group is comprised of five members, all who got their start on the local Nebraska music scene in other bands such as Splitline,Black Lighthouse, Nevermind The Riot and Drowning in the Wake. The group was also recently nominated for Omaha's 2018 Entertainment and Arts Awards for Best Hard Rock and Best New Artist just one year into their career. They've also found themselves on the airwaves! You can hear From The Arc's music in steady rotation on Lincoln, Nebraska's 104.1's Local Bandwidth, Australia's Tuggeranong Valley 'Voice of The Valley' 89.5, The Rock Goddess Radio and Rock Rages' online radio station.

The band's name has sparked interest among the local community in regards to what it means. According to the group, an"Arc," is a luminous electrical discharge between two electrodes or other points, and the source of all energy. It is an endless string of connection that ties one

source of energy to the next and always continues unless it is forced to stop by an outside entity. To the group, From The Arc is about endless connection to the world and people around you, through music. That is why the five chose to keep the name From The Arc.

Although the band has not been around very long, they have toured around the midwest and opened for a variety of national acts. From The Arc is also planning multiple smaller tours further west and south in the early summer and late fall.