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Video shooting location: 北京 School


汪雨初 孙放 石昊飞 满志功


这是一支来自北京的新一代街头朋克乐队,经过变革成型于2015年初,人来人往,日渐成熟,音乐干脆直给从来不拐弯抹角是他们一贯的风格,融合原始的Old school和Street punk风格,由四个来自北京老四区的年轻人组成。倒刺长在手上,撕掉他也会回予你无休止的再生和疼痛,叛逆而坚韧,这里有年轻的血液,也有最鲜红的力量,如果说这个时代再也不给朋克机会,那就绑紧鞋带,让倒刺给你续续命 。 It's a street punk band of the latest generation from Beijing with four members averagely age 22. It’s founded in 2015,after some member changes,gradually their style came to mature,with the style of original old school punk and street punk,it’s made up of four native Beijing young punx.
The hangnail grows on our hands,you’ll feel pain when you tear’s traitorous and tough,there are not only the young blood,but also the freshest power. If someone says there is no opportunity for punk anymore in this modern time, just lace up your shoes and listen to Hangnail.