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Video shooting location: London, UK


51RC | Drummer, Dj, Music Producer
SKULLF | Dj, Keyboards, Music Producer
SH4RK | Sampling, Keyboards, Music Producer
PSYRVS | Guitars
3NITY | Vocals
S7N | Rap


D3STAB1LIZED, is a concept band, with a uniquely anonymous post-apocalyptic aesthetic.
Their mission? To bring awareness about core environmental, political, technological, and humanitarian issues, inspire and suggest solutions through their musical act.
Most accurately described, as "a video game musical on stage”, the intergalactic D3STAB1LIZED live show is powerfully complete with UV outfits and LED gas masks that create the illusion of a holographic otherworld.
The band's theatrical and transformative selective live sets for Xbox, Red Bull, IGN, TV shows, and major music festivals, have garnered high profile support from the likes of multi-awarded artists, including DJ R3hab, DJ Borgeous, Dirtyphonics, VJ Beeple, and Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, Gus G.
Located in London, UK, D3STAB1LIZED invigorate their multi-faceted, multimedia quest while piecing together their debut album. Expect more powerfully energetic live sets, more blurring of boundaries between music, video and technology, more creative anarchy, and more forward momentum, as the world's only video game band.
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▲ Credits:
☯ Video's full location credits:
Studio Basements of London College of Music, UK & Ardas River Youth Festival, Greece (A river that unites three countries)
☯ Video Credits:
Art Direction: Christian Richie, Video Edit: Mariane P. & Christian Richie, Shootings: Sirc Insight, Johny Skullf, Giannis Leliopoulos, Giorgos Kostidis, With the help of: University of West London, Shakehand Productions, Μunicipality of Orestiada City & Giannis Skerlidis
☯ Song Credits:
D3STAB1LIZED - 90 to Go, Composer: 51RC, Mixing & Mastering: 51RC, SH4RK