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Video shooting location: Berlin, Germany


Lina Subklew


My original name is Lina and so far I make music on my own. I am 20 years old and play the ukulele, but mainly I am a singer. I write songs about my live and my experiences with mental illness and any topic that came up while I was traveling. I have been traveling for eight months and spend three of them in Palestine. At the moment I am back in Berlin. My artist name is "Jane van Raudi" - Jane is my favorite character in my favorite movie American Beauty, Raudi is a cuter version of rebel in German (the van is just cool). My music genre is mostly singer songwriter but at the moment I am experimenting a lot. I started rapping and I want to buy a loop station to have more possibilities of creating a layering and sound volume. The video was shot in a hostel in Nablus, Palestine. It was just before I said goodbye to my friend Angelica (who shot the video). The song was angelicas favorite - we both had a very intense time in Palestine.