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Video shooting location: Ottawa, ON, Canada


Paige Barrett


Before I explain who I am, I want to say that this song I wrote was about/for a close friend of mine that was going through a tough time as well as dealing with her own struggle with mental illness. I am a 19 year old, solo singer-songwriter from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am influenced by many different types of music as my mom would play a variety of music as I was growing up. I am influenced by the country music writing style, as well as the vocals of pop and blues, and the all in all genre of R&B. R&B/Rap is making a bigger impact on my more recent creations. I continue to write and create on a regular basis. I have written over 30 songs since last year. I want to create good music, with real lyrics/messages, music that people can relate to. I want my music to be what I seek in other artists music. I want to create something authentic and real. I continue to work everyday because luck is when hard work meets opportunities, such as this. Thank you. - Paige :)