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Video shooting location: Solingen, Deutschland


just meee


I'm a 23 year old girl from Solingen in Germany, i have a little youtube channel called ukulena and had a few small gigs in my city but not a big thing. I started playing ukulele when i was 19 and a wanted to play an instrument which made me happy, because i was in a bad mood and always was a fan of dodie and other youtubers haha. I made some ideas for a cool video spot but i lost time because i got very very sick and my voice was so broke. At the moment i am still sick and in Germanys the weather is crazy, so i created a special space for my video in my shower with some cool lighting :D. The song i wrote is the first original song from me, and i hope you will like it. I wrote it for this contest and it's about (of course) heartbreak.

Please enjoy and give dodie a hug,

when not, i will :>

i will see her in London on her Tour and I am very excited :3